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Information for Authors


The Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention is a monthly electronic journal publishing papers in all areas of cancer control. Its is indexed on PubMed and Science Citation Index Expanded (Impact factor for 2009: 1.1) and the scope is wide-ranging: including descriptive, analytical and molecular epidemiology; experimental and clinical histopathology/biology of preneoplasias and early neoplasias; assessment of risk and beneficial factors; experimental and clinical trials of primary preventive measures/agents; screening approaches and secondary prevention; clinical epidemiology; and all aspects of cancer prevention education. All of the papers published are freely available as pdf files downloadable from, directly or through PubMed, as well as, or obtainable from the first authors. The APJCP is financially supported by the UICC Asian Regional Office and the National Cancer Center of Korea, where the Editorial Office is housed.

APJCP Chief Editor APJCP Deputy Chief Editor APJCP Managing Editor
Malcolm A Moore Eun-Cheol Park Hyun Jong Oh

APJCP Editorial Office, National Cancer Center of Korea

Cancer Control Research Institute, National Cancer Center of Korea

APJCP Editorial Office,
National Cancer Center of Korea

IACR Representative Rajaraman Swaminathan, Chennai

Sub-Editors - Western Asia (Turkey, the Arab World, Iran, Pakistan, Central Asia)

Yasmin Bhurgri, Karachi, Sultan Eser, Izmir, Turkey,

Murat Gultekin, Ankara, Nurbek Igisinov, Astana,

Alireza Mosavi-Jarrahi, Tehran, Elsayed Salim, Tanta,

Sub-Editors - South Asia (Indian subcontinent)

Partha Sarathi Basu, Kolkata, Sukta Das, Kolkata,

Aleyamma Mathew, Trivandrum, Nandagudi S Murphy, Bangalore,

Ravi Mehrotra, Allahabad, Manoj Pandey, Varanes,

Ramnath Takiar, Bangalore,

Sub-Editors - South-East Asia (Mainland, Peninsular and Island, and Australasia)

Adriano Laudico, Manila, Le Tran Ngoan, Hanoi,

Nor Hayati Othman, Kelantan, Supannee Promthet, Khon Kaen,

David Roder, Adelaide, Evlina Suzanna, Jakarata

Subject Editors - North-East Asia (China, Mongolia, Korea and Japan)

Wanqing Chen, Beijing, Chang-Ming Gao, Nanjing,

Xinen Huang, Nanjing, Jeon Seon Kim, Goyang,

Qian Liu, Tianjin, Young-Joon Surh, Seoul,

Hiroyuki Tsuda, Nagoya,



APJCP Editorial Office. Located in the National Cancer Center of Korea but submission is all electronic.

Only the Following Types of Manuscript can be Considered for Publication

Editorials Reviews Mini-reviews
Research Communications Commentaries Letters to the Editor

Peer Review.

Manuscripts submitted to the APJCP are reviewed by two or more authorities for significance and validity and comments are all supplied to the author. Advice as to acceptability will normally be supplied within one or two months.

Submission of Manuscripts.

Manuscripts must be submitted directly to Malcolm Moore at or any of the Regional Editors (who will then forward). To add your names and affiliation details automatically please also use the new electronic process available at There are no submission or processing charges for the APJCP. However, to defray costs of formatting and PubMed linkage there is a 50 US$ publication charge for those manuscripts which are accepted. Extra charges as necessary will be made for numerous/complex Tables and Figures because they require a great deal of effort in formatting.

Conflict of Interest.
Information as to commercial or other links which might pose a conflict of interest should be provided. Funding sources can be acknowledged in the Acknowledgements.

Permission for Inclusion of Published Material.
The authors have full responsibility for obtaining permission for inclusion of previously published material in work submitted to the APJCP.

Organization of Manuscripts.

Title and Abstract page: Concise title, authors names and affiliations, address for correspondence, Email address
concise abstract and key words. These should be supplied together with the text and references in one Microsoft Word file

Text pages: Arranged as appropriate for the type of manuscript.

References: In text cited as Yellow (2000), (Brown and Pink, 2000), (Black et al., 2000): NOT NUMBERED!
In the list, alphabetically then by year, all authors if up to five, three and et al for more.

Format: Blue A, Pink B, Green C, et al (2000). Cancer prevention Asian-Pacific. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev, ?, ?-?.

Brown A, Pink B, Black C, et al (2000). Cancer prevention. In ‘Neoplasia’ , Eds Blue D and Red E. Asian Pacific Education Press, Bangkok pp 1-10 Numbers 322-4 LAST DIGIT ONLY!

Illustrations: Should be in a single Powerpoint file of size and quality for direct downloading.

Tables: Should be simply formatted with tabs only: NO BOXES! Either include in the same Microsoft Word file as the Title, Abstract and Text or in a single Microsoft Excel file. NOTE! In Tables and Text only ONE! number after the decimal point, or two if only one digit before the decimal point.

Proofs and Copyright.
Proofs will be sent as pdf files. Reprints can not be provided but the authors will be able to print out whatever copies they need from the final pdf file. They retain copyright other than that necessary for publication in the APJCP.


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